Getting to know the mayan surroundings

Takalik Maya Lodge is part of the installations of the antique coffee plantations “Montes Eliseos”. The interior of the farm has been renovated, so our guests can have the same experience as the landowner of the nineteen century. It is a magical place where past, present, and future meet in one place.


 By visiting us you will be given the opportunity to experience the mysticism of civilizations and cultures that inhabited the area, within the diversity and majesty of the forest.


We are located at Km.190.5 Highway to the Pacific, Terrace 9 Tak'Alik Ab'aj Archaeological Municipality of the Asintal, Retahuleu National Park.


The inhabitants of the San Antonio Canton Barrios provide services for us and also have benefited directly by the activity of sustainable tourism.


When serving our visitors and guests, we strive for you to get the best experience in our hotel; conservation of natural and cultural resources and the integral development of the community are our main goals.


In 2003 Takalik received its first visitors, they were delighted by the nature and history of its surroundings, the visitors were captivated by the amenities that were offered. But it was not until January 2005 when Takalik Maya Lodge was fully renovated and reborn. The beautiful coffee farm that was created mid-nineteenth century, which was dedicated to the production and export of the best coffee on the southern Coast of Guatemala, had become the most beautiful hotel with the diversity of cultures that it represents. The collapse of the coffee market, was the motive to achieve new ways of generating income for the community of San Antonio Canton Barrios, thus preventing the migration of its inhabitants from this beautiful area. The sum of the mutual interests led to consolidate TAKALIK MAYA LODGE, as a unique tourist destination,which has hosted thousands of guests.