Agroturism - Ecoturism - Bird watching


For bird lovers and guests that enjoy to observe and study wild birds in their natural environment, we offer a peaceful natural setting. Our location is home to about125 species of native and migratory birds, that include: White Hurracas, Toucans, Woodpeckers, Chiltotes, Sinsontles, Hummingbirds, Hawks , Matracas, Torditos, Buglers, Magpies, Chalias, Owls, and many more.


Our hours are from 6:00amto 8:00am

and 4:00pm to 6:00pm

The tour lasts approximately two hours(2:00Hrs).

Theres no limited number of visitors.

Includes : Guide










(Tour around coffee, rubber and cocoa macadamia plantations)

We will give you a tour through our coffee plantations , the harvest takes place in the months of August to January. We will also teach you the anchient technique used for pulping, drying, roasting and preparing a good cup of gourmet coffee. We will also visit the plantations that harvest rubber, macadamia and cacao. We also offer you the opportunity to participate in the process and production of each crop.


Our Hours are 8:00am-4:00pm

tour duration hour and a half (1:30Hrs)

Unlimited number of visitors are welcome





Mountain Tour

Tour through the Natural tropical Rain forest Reserve


Within our facilities there are 11 hectares of forest, which are in process of regeneration. This Ecological Reserve is of great importance for wildlife as well as fauna and flora, and it also provides the opportunity for research and learning. Its surroundings and landscapes generate a special interest for nature lovers. This natural space was created to protect ecosystems, communities and one of a kind species that is characterized by its rarity, fragility and uniqueness. Within this space we have a gazebo, a place where you can enjoy a magnificent view of the surrounding landscape and also appreciate the sunset


Our Hours are from 4:00pmto 6:00pm.

approximate duration for the tour is one hour (1:00Hrs) Unlimited number of visitors are welcome





Horseback Tour

Tour viahorseback to theTropical Rainforest



The ride starts at the hotel reception area, where the instructions from an expert guide will be given. Once the safety directions have been provided, we will begin the tour towards the coffee and rubber plantations. Once the first part of the tour has been completed, we will take a short break. After which we will take you deep into the forest, where you can appreciate the variety of flora that make up this natural setting. Among the fauna and trees that you will be able to see are macadamia, rambotan, cacao, palo blanco, canoj , volador (guayabo), and chonte among others.


Our Hours are from 8:00am to 5:00pm.

approximate duration for the tour is one hour (1:00Hrs).

Unlimited number of visitors.







Swim in LA POZA

A source of cold water, natural and clear stream, located at the bottom of the mountain

Our source of cold water and the magnificent 3 meters high waterfall are framed by lush native vegetation that leads to the pool, where you can enjoy a refreshing swim.


Our Hours are from 8:00am to 4:00pm.

The time we will be spending there will be about two hours (2:00Hrs).

There is no limit for visitors.

Includes : Guide







price is for non guests


National Archaeologic Park Takali´k Ab´aj

Visit to the National Archaeological Park that is full of adventure and history



Our tour begins in the reception area of the hotel,and through three farms where different products are grown until we reach the Archaeological TAK'ALIK Ab'aj National Park, which means “standing stone in K´ICHE´.” The old pre-Hispanic city, is at the mouth of the southwestern coast of the country, in the town of El Asintal department of Retalhuleu. It is 199.5kms close to Guatemala City. It is 600mts above sea level.


This city had its heyday during the Pre-Classic Middle and Late; 800 years BC to 200 years DC. It has an area of 650 acres (6.5km2)settled on 09 terraced park has 86buildings with more than 230 sculptures from monuments, and altars that show the convergence off our civilizations: Maya, Olmeca, Barrigón and local.


This is one of the features that make it unique and interesting for lovers of culture.


Currently this park is listed as a ceremonial site of great importance for the Mayan people, who come to ask for blessings for their crops, family and important dates or events.


The tour will be approximately two to three hours.(2:00a 3:00hrs) There is no limit of visitors.

Includes : Guide




For those who love nature, adventure and want to live and experience the outdoors, sleeping in tents, listening stories or legends with friends or family and staying warm around a campfire, with a rich cup of coffee. We have specialized areas for activities such as: football fields, gardens for receptions, view points and patios in the area of Paseo del Café.

Opening Time is from: 2:00 to 07:00pm.

Closing Time is at:11:00am next day

Includes: restrooms, showers and security.










Equipment that guests should bring along: • Bottledwater• Flashlight with batteries• Pocketknife• Sunglasses• Sunscreen• Limpbalm• Mosquito repellent• Personal hygiene items• Medicine• Bring warm weather clothing (shorts, t-shirts or polo shirts, hat     and walking shoes• Sweater or jacket (At night the weather is cool)